Post Malone’s "Dolly Parton" Ensemble Elicits Response From Dolly Herself

It's no secret that Post Malone's influences extend well beyond hip-hop. After all, this is the man who helped Young Thug arrange a Bright Eyes cover, adding additional slime to the indie lovebird jam "First Day Of My Life." Not to mention, his vast accumulation of alternative covers, ranging from Bob Dylan, Green Day, and Nirvana classics. While his eclectic and varied tastes have occasionally drawn scrutiny from hip-hop purists, Post's unique musical stylings have played a role in appealing to a wide-ranging audience. Now, it would appear the man is looking to infiltrate another musical market, by officially donning the likeness of a country icon. 

Post Malone's "Dolly Parton" Ensemble Elicits Response From Dolly Herself

David Becker/Getty Images

During his set at Bonnaroo, Post repped for Dolly hard, adorning himself in various depictions of her face. While a single shirt would be enough, Posty took it one further, opting for a matching getup that may very well draw the undying wrath of Trick Daddy. It didn't take long for the ensemble to catch the eye of Parton herself, who took to Twitter to send a little bit of love in Posty's direction.

"Love the outfit from head to toe @PostMalone," she wrote Twitter, adding a wink for additional emphasis. As of now, Posty has yet to make the most of the interaction, but who knows what might become of it? In all honesty, a Post Malone and Dolly Parton collaboration wouldn't be entirely bizarre, especially in a post-old-town road landscape. 

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