Post Malone’s Emergency Jet Landing: Details Emerge Of "Human Error & Negligence"

Details concerning Post Malone's near-death experience in the sky have come to light. Back in August of last year, Post Malone was riding in a private jet that was forced into an abrupt emergency landing short of the European destination his pilot had charted. After consulting with traffic audio, it was learned that a blown tire during takeoff likely contributed to the mishap. TMZ has gone a step further by inquiring about the finer details, a subdivision of the United States Department of Transportation.

According to the FFA's findings, numerous safety procedures were ignored leading up to takeoff. Apparently, one of the doors to the plane wasn't closed properly in their initial attempt to get the airplane up-and-running. In their second attempt on the tarmac, two tires on the left side of the aircraft literally exploded.

The FFA states that Post Malone's private jet was simply too heavy; the passenger luggage, accounting for twelve passengers, two pilots, and a single flight attendant, was believed to be well over the safe limits for travel. Incidentally, the flight crew neglected to address this issue at any point. Also worth noting: between the first and second (final) attempt at takeoff, the pilots didn't allow the brakes to simmer down, as is often the protocol. Post Malone and company were only made to wait a good 20-30 minutes, while the crew (unsuccessfully) sorted out the mechanical issues at hand. Here's to hoping Post Malone takes all the necessary precautions in future flights.

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