Premiere: HVDES Drops Electrifying Remix Of AWAY's "Sleepwalker"

AWAY breached new territory in his career when he dropped “Sleepwalker,” introducing an entirely new group avid listeners to his brand and showing f his true talent as a producer. And while it certainly contained some harder elements in the mix, one our , HVDES, took it upon herself to take it to the next level.

This remix wastes no time in getting right into the heavy stuff, barely scratching the vocal intro before dropping into a heavy electro wail with pounding drums and abrasive synths. Behind all the extra synth elements is a steady, pounding rhythm that keeps it all together, urging your feet to move and step along with the beat.

As a follow up to her last single “,” this remix is absolutely perfect.

Check it out below and grab your free download .



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