President Trump: Warriors, Cavs Not Invited To White House

Whether the Golden State Warriors complete the sweep in Game 4 the NBA Finals tonight or if the Cleveland Cavaliers pull f the unthinkable and win it in 7, there won't be a championship celebration at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. President Trump has ficially announced that this year's NBA champion will not be welcome at the White House.

According to ESPN, Trump told reporters on Friday morning that "we're not going to invite either team," in regards to the Warriors and Cavs potentially visiting the White House. The good news is, the feeling is mutual.

Earlier this week, LeBron James and Stephen Curry told reporters that "no one wants an invite" to the White House. According to ESPN's Marc J. Spears, LeBron wasn't surprised by Trump's decision to uninvite the Philadelphia Eagles, so he likely won't be surprised to learn today's comments. James told members the media, "It's typical (Trump); I'm not surprised. I know whoever wins this series, us or Golden State, no one wants an invite.” When told LeBron's comments, Curry said that he agreed players from either team won't want an invite.

According to ESPN's Rachel Nichols, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr had this to say about Trump: "The president has made it pretty clear he's going to try to divide us, all us in this country, for political gain. It's just the way it is. We all look forward to the day we can go back to just having a celebration athletic achievement."

Game 4 between the Warriors and Cavs is scheduled to tipf tonight at 9pm ET, airing on ABC.

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