Pythius drops D&B Headbanger “Monster Black Hole”

Get ready to blow out your speakers when you listen to Drum and Bass aficionado Pythius’s new track, “Monster Black Hole”. Hailing in as the Dutch producers first release the year, “Monster Black Hole” takes listeners on a mind-blowing interstellar musical journey.
Packed with high intensity bass lines and racing drum patterns that are definitive the Blackout Music artists’ style, the track begins with a deeply extrospective spoken introduction about black holes. The track continues to have spoken interludes throughout in addition to celestial synths, while seamlessly switching back into his weaponized drum and bass style.
Known as one Blackout Music’s most prominent rising stars, Pythius only continues to back up the claim with his release “Monster Black Hole.” With an LP highly anticipated for 2018, there’s no doubt we’ll be keeping an eye on this up and comer.

Cred: Pythius Cover Photo

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