Quality Control CEO Pee Teases "Control The Streets Volume 2"

Last year, the disparate minds of Quality Control joined forces to drop off Control The Streets Volume 1a project that wisely taught us what to call a hater in a time of crisis. The album contained a staggering thirty songs, with contributions from the entire roster, including Migos, Lil Yachty, a then-buzzing Lil Baby, City Girls, and more. At the time, many appreciated the united front QC was taking, though some were quick to point out the ironic lack of quality control present in such an extensive album. In any case, the reception was generally favorable, though it could be argued that Control The Streets set off the beginning of "Migos-mania," a phenomenon that continued into 2019.
 Quality Control CEO Pee Teases "Control The Streets Volume 2"

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Today, Quality Control CEO Pee took to Instagram to unveil the arrival of Volume 2, albeit in the vaguest possible capacity. Borrowing one of hip-hop's favorite adages, which is to say "OTW," Pee shared a few images to kick off a bit of hype. Today, the QC brand has only strengthened. While some have been taking a small Migos break, City Girls and Lil Baby have been enjoying impressive runs, and will likely play a larger role in the upcoming project whenever it ultimately drops. 

Look for more news on Control The Streets Vol 2 when it surfaces. Are you looking forward to another compilation from the label?

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