R. Kelly Tells Ex-Wife She Should Work At McDonald’s To Provide For Their Kids

As you all know, R. Kelly is facing some serious time in prison for the crimes he allegedly committed. There have been a number of sex tapes that were uncovered showing the singer allegedly engaging in sexual acts with underage girls, urinating on them and more. On top of that, he's been attending court dates regarding his child support payments, of which he owes thousands of dollars. Yesterday, his ex-wife Drea Kelly suggested that in order to support his kids, he should get a job at a fast food restaurant making tacos. That comment didn't fare well with the disgraced artist because according to TMZ, he's reportedly clapping back by saying she should get her own fast food job.

R. Kelly Tells Ex-Wife She Should Work At McDonald's To Provide For Their Kids

Speaking directly with TMZ Live, Drea Kelly and her daughter Buku Abi said that R. Kelly should get his finances figured out before throwing a jab at him. "I don't care if you're gonna become the first King of R&B to work at Del Taco," said Drea. Buku added that she doesn't "need" his money but that it's his responsibility to pay up until she turns 23. After the comments were aired, representatives for R. Kelly reportedly reached out to TMZ to suggest that Drea get her own job at a fast food joint flipping burgers. He apparently believes that she has been using the child support money to fund her own lifestyle, saying that if she wants to continue living large, she should get her own job.

Kelly's lawyer Steve Greenberg has reportedly gone on the record to say that Drea Kelly should "get a life." Watch Drea and Buku's comments below.

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