R. Kelly's Brother Accuses Singer Of Molesting Their 14-Year-Old Cousin

R. Kelly's brother Carey Kelly recently released a diss track labeling R. Kelly as a disease-spreading hoe. "You gave them females some crazy disease, want you to know Momma not pleased, tell me how them n*ggas that tight and you ain’t gotta wife," he rapped. Now a few weeks later, Carey is back with allegations that his famed brother sexually abused their 14-year-old cousin and may have impregnated her. 

“Robert has a control problem. And the only reason why he targets little girls, now that I’m older, I understand. He was molested. I was molested [too], but I didn’t turn out that way,” Carey said during an interview with unWinewithTashaK, explaining that they were molested by the same person. “I became a protector of children. I didn’t want kids to go through what I went through…especially my daughters.”

According to Carey, the family caught on when the two would spend a lot of alone time together. In the lengthy interview posted below, Carey explains that he understands how people don't believe the allegations. "A lot of people didn’t believe it because of who he is and that’s how he’s been able to sustain in this business as an artist and as human being [without] not being locked away,” he said. “It’s almost hard to believe that this icon, this superstar, would do things of that nature.”

Check out the interview below and hear Carey also discuss R. Kelly's relationship with Aaliyah that "made you scratch your head."

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