R3HAB And Quinn Lewis Team Up For The Delightfully Light – 'How You've Been'

R3HAB is nothing short an enigma to me at this point. The artist who got his start championed by the likes Afrojack and David Guetta for his rip-roaring Dutch house productions has grown into a really well-rounded artist. It also seems the R3HAB has released a song a week for the last year and a half – something that is near superhuman when it comes to producing. In his latest work, a collaboration with Quinn Lewis called ‘How You've Been' R3HAB has taken a more subtle production approach, and it is pretty refreshing if I am being honest.

R3HAB And Quinn Lewis – ‘How You've Been'

While R3HAB has experimented with the future bass sound a good amount in his recent work, he has taken a lighter approach on ‘How You've Been'. He allows the wonderful vocals from Quinn Lewis to be the centerpiece the song and crafted an upbeat, funky little beat around them.

I will be honest – I usually am a bit nervous with artists start to produce all over the board. In my opinion, it is better to be a master one genre, rather than a novice among many. R3HAB has proven my thought process wrong time and time again with his works, and I am thoroughly satisfied each time he does. Check out the single below.

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