Ralo Implores Gucci Mane To Join "FreeRalo" Movement, Guwop Responds

Last year, Ralo was taken into police custody over a "conspiracy to commit a felony," and soon found himself denied bond on numerous occasions. Though the legal system appeared stacked against him, Ralo remained adamant in refusing any plea deals sent his way, a man of principle where unwritten codes are concerned. Eventually, his fortunes shifted, and Ralo announced he'd be coming home at some point in 2019. For now, he remains in jail awaiting his freedom, though he is taking measures to hit the ground running upon his release. Yesterday, the 1017 rapper reached out to his friend and former collaborator Gucci Mane, imploring him to keep his memory on his mind. 

Ralo Implores Gucci Mane To Join "FreeRalo" Movement, Guwop Responds

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"@laflare1017 The man love you to death, he don’t want no money, no letters, or nothing he just wanna hear u say #FreeRalo," writes Ralo, or somebody speaking on his behalf. "He went hard for #1017 don’t forget about #RaloLaflare everybody in the world show him love but he keep asking about you." For additional emphasis, the message closed out with the heartbreak emoji, a visual representation of a broken "bro-code." 

Luckily, Big Guwop was moved by the message, sliding in to offer a few words in Ralo's honor. "FreeRalo FamGoon!" writes Guwop, though some might debate the gesture has been diluted, since being solicited and all. Still, a little bit of loyalty goes a long way, and soon enough Ralo's comments were filled with support. "You’ll Be home soon to pop yo shit my Brudda," writes Trouble, himself an avid Ralo supporter. Even the notorious Woahvicky chimed in with a "freeralo." 

Check out the original post below, and keep an eye out for more news on his release. Until then, it's free Ralo! 

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