Raptors Fan Arrested For Making Highly Sexual Comments About Ayesha Curry

Last month, Ayesha Curry begged for more male attention.

But she didn't mean this kind of attention.

In the frenzy of the Toronto Raptors Game 3 win over the Golden State Warriors Raptors fan Tristan Warkentin was interviewed on Canadian TV and he got really crude.

"The vibe was unreal and I just want to let everyone know Ayesha Curry we're gonna f**k her right in the p**sy," he said about the wife of Warriors star Steph Curry.

He apologized for his comments afterward, blaming it on the alcohol.

"I’m not in a position to defend myself in terms of what happened. I am sure you understand the influence of alcohol." Warkentin explained. "What I did was disgraceful; it was an alcohol-influenced situation ... To be honest, I don’t even remember being there but I am responsible for my own actions at the end of the day” and “am not sitting here claiming victim.”

However, that wasn't enough for the Canadian authorities who have arrested Warkentin for criminal mischief since he knew his comments would air on live TV.  He's also been getting death threats.

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