Ray J Explains What Was Really Going On With His Hat On "Love & Hip-Hop"

The Internet has been going wild all day about Ray J's damn hat. A clip from an episode of Love And Hip-Hop has surfaced, showing Ray J having an intense conversation with Safaree and all the while, Ray J's black hat just can't keep still. The memes and commentary on the hat are pretty hilarious and due to the number of mentions Ray J is receiving online, he's decided to call up the guys at TMZ and explain why his hat had "a mind of its you own."

Ray admits that the hat thing is due to some editing, of course, and adds that his "hat and head were trying to connect." He also explains how he was drilling Safree to admit his truth and his hat was stressing just as much as he was. Apparently, the clip showed just a few minutes of the hour and a half of Ray J drilling Safree.

Considering the love and attention this hat is getting, it may make more cameos in the upcoming episodes but according to Ray J, it's in negotiations. 

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