Rays' Right Fielder Carlos Gomez Devastates A Helpless Gatorade Cooler

Tampa Bay Rays' outfielder Carlos Gomez wasn't having his way this afternoon during a 3-0 loss to the Miami Marlins. Gomez had runners on first and second when he kneeled for a bunt with the pitch count at 0-1. Although the ball appeared to hit Gomez' right hand, the umpire Chris Segal ruled it a foul ball claiming that batter had "fered at the pitch." 

Down 0-2, Carlos Gomez struck out on Jose Urena subsequent pitch, leading him to jaw at umpire Chris Segal as he made his way to the dugout. What happened next really fosters a look into testosterone levels in pro athletes. Once behind the dugout, Gomez takes his Louisville Slugger and viciously attacks a Gatorade water cooler until its contents are seeped into the ground.

It just so happens that Carlos Gomez is undergoing the very worst campaign in his 16 year career. Once considered a MVP-candidate during his peak years with the Brewers, Carlos is now batting a career-worst .195, he went 0-3 this afternoon before being pulled for a better fielding option, not to mention Carlos is noted across the Baseball world for a terrible case over-sensitivity. It's one thing to clear the bench after getting beaned by a pitcher, another to argue every call.

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