Reason Trolls J.I.D. Over "TDE Vs. Dreamville" Rivalry

Over the years, many fans have come to pit Dreamville against TDE in a spirited "what-if" scenario fuelled in large part by healthy competition. The narrative has occasionally been teased by some of Dreamville's own artists, including J.I.D, who straight-up alluded to the competition during a recent interview. Yet that's not to say alliances haven't been forged. New TDE signee Reason was recently an honored guest during the Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 sessions, contributing to more than his fair share of bangers.

Reason Trolls J.I.D. Over "TDE Vs. Dreamville" Rivalry

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Now, with his own official TDE debut on the way, Reason has once again trolled his Dreamville rival slash real-life homie J.I.D. Upon revealing that his beard would remain unshorn until Top Dawg provided him with a release date, Reason revealed that some of the featured verses were already flooding in. When asked whether a JID verse was among them, Reason joked "It would be JID but JID doesn’t write verses for TDE artists CLEARLY. Yes you can tag JID in this lol."

The response prompted JID to chime in, promising a verse and hook would be sent his way in the imminent future. Reverse-psychology achieved. Well played, Reason. Are you excited to hear a new collaboration between the pair? 

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