Red Bull Guest House Returns to Host Curated Electronic Music Events for Miami Grand Prix Weekend

The return of Formula 1 events around the globe has been met with high interest and engagement from the electronic dance music community. 

From Tiesto's "victory lap" performance on the back of a souped-up Heineken truck to Charlotte de Witte's heart-racing Formula EP, it's evident the two worlds are becoming increasingly intertwined. 

Now, for the first time, Formula 1 is heading to Miami, one of America's biggest cultural hubs for electronic music. With it comes the return of Red Bull Guest House and their series of curated, invite-only events to soundtrack all the high-octane action of racing weekend.

The era of the 1960s and 70s are widely regarded as a golden era for motorsports, in part due to the confluence of a cultural boom and technological advancements happening at that time. Red Bull Guest House is providing the cultural bridge that feels nostalgic to racing's era through the unifying medium of electronic music.

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Red Bull Guest House Returns to Host Curated Electronic Music Events for Miami Grand Prix Weekend

Red Bull Guest House takes over the luxury Faena Miami Beach hotel May 6-8 with a stellar roster of curators.


The weekend starts with the Raíces showcase presented by Tigre Sounds, a fitting tribute to the fusion of Latin and electronic music that continues to hold a place of prominence in Miami's creative landscape. The event will feature sets from Brenda Navarrete, DJ Nickodemus, Gabriel Poso, Sinego, Richie Hell, Miluhska, Roujeee Tunes and Maure.

On Saturday, New York's Teksupport has programmed a multi-cultural sonic journey across the world's dancefloors. Teksupport's "Autopista" showcase seeks to spotlight the distinct dance music flavors native to large urban centers from Barcelona to the Big Apple, featuring music from American Dance Ghosts, Arca, Carlita & Friends, DJ Tennis, Eli Escobar and Physical Therapy.

Insomniac and Club Space are leading the weekend's closing festivities with the "You Should Be Dancing" showcase. This event will see the five-star Faena Miami Beach hotel bubbling with the disco-infused sounds of Adam Auburn, Bedouin, Channel Tres, Heidi Lawden, Hint of Lavender, Horse Meat Disco, Ms. Mada b2b Layla Benitez and Soul Clap.

Follow along with the Red Bull Guest House festivities May 6th through the 8th with the hashtag #RedBullGuestHouse and on the Red Bull USA Instagram account.

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