Red Cafe Arrested For Car Theft, Released On $25,000 Bond

TMZ has learned that NY rapper Red Cafe has been arrested on theft charges stemming from an outstanding car rental. The Beverly Hills PD had the stolen 2018 Chevy Impala registered in their system after the rental outfit reported it missing.

The PD says an unspecified number of uniformed officers spotted the stolen vehicle parked in a commercial district, then proceeded to wait for the culprit to re-enter frame. The gambit worked: soon after, Red Cafe re-entered the vehicle and drove away - with the officers trailing close behind. 

Red Cafe Arrested For Car Theft, Released On $25,000 Bond

Johnny Louis/Getty Images

Within a couple of hectares of the parked location, Red Cafe was apprehended, put in cuffs, then brought to the local precinct. Luckily, the rapper managed to find a constituent to post his $25,000 bond. The criminal charges read as follows: a felony count of unlawful taking/driving of a vehicle. Red Cafe has another month to reflect on his negligence, and figure out his legal defense. The first hearing concerning his felony case is slated to take place in July. Red Cafe or his reps have gone incognito in the immediate aftermath of his booking, and subsequent release on bond.

Ironically enough, the last time Red Cafe fell out of favor with the law, it was due to a moving violation. In 2017, the NY rapper was arrested in his home state after officers saw that he wasn't wearing his seatbelt. Upon entering his vehicle registration into their database, the officers were able to assess that he was driving with a suspended license. They also found two zips of weed in the glove compartment and a gravity knife in his possession.

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