Reddit Chooses The DJ's Who Proved Their Opinions Wrong After Seeing Them Live

I have been following electronic music for as long as I can remember. I have been attending shows and festivals for well over a decade. If I can say one thing about how I have seen dance music change, it is how incredibly decisive fans have become.

While this has created a community which debates, listenings critically and also work to find the absolute top up and coming artists, it can also create some preconceived notions that are not necessarily deserved.

Sometimes an artist who operates in the mainstream such as The Chainsmokers or Afrojack can gain a reputation as “not real” or “over-hyped”. These reputations can bleed over to fans who are new to the dance music world, and it is safe to assume most would guess these artists are not worth seeing live in concert…and how wrong of an assumption that would be.

Reveals Which DJ's Proved Them Wrong

user /u/Missjpham6 posed the question of which artists proved our preconceived notions wrong, and the results were pretty surprising.

Big Room Artists Were A Common Theme

The Big Room sound has become a mainstay of festival sets and chart-topping artists. For this reason, a lot of fans apparently thought that artists like Martin Garrix and Afrojack would not be able to bring the party when performing live. It is cool to see the insight that went into their answers…




Not All Artists Mentioned Were Positive

Like any good discussion, people noted negatives as well as positives. Sometimes you go into a set for an artist expecting to be blown away only to be underwhelmed. This has happened to me countless times. For the sake of objectivity, I will keep my opinions out of it. But I will say during Ultra 2018 the surprise guest left me wanting a bit more.

One user noted that despite all the positive press behind Seven Lions, he just didn't live up to the expectations other fans had built up in him. But hey, } }, // Articles - recommendations in emotes and comments widget recommendationsWideImages: false, recommendationsProtocol: "", globalRecommendations: false, // Colors darkMode: false, color: "108ee9", // By Widget comments: { vuukleAuth: true, hideRecommendedArticles: false, hideCommentInputBox: false, enabled: true, commentingClosed: false, maxChars: '3000', countToLoad: '5', toxicityLimit: '80', spamLimit: '90', sorting: 'latest', transliteration:{ language: 'en', enabledByDefault: false, }, customText: { recommendedStories: 'TALK OF THE TOWN', }, }, emotes: { enabled: true, hideRecommendedArticles: false, size: '70', // icons size firstImg: '', firstName: 'HAPPY', secondImg: '', secondName: 'WTF', thirdImg: '', thirdName: 'AMUSED', fourthImg: '', fourthName: 'LMAO', fifthImg: '', fifthName:'ANGRY', sixthImg: '', sixthName: 'SAD', disable: [], customText: {}, }, powerbar: { enabled: true, defaultEmote: 1, customUrls: { facebook: '', google: '', twitter: '', linkedin: '', }, customText: {}, items: [ ], }, }; (function () { s.async = true; s.src = ''; (d.head || d.body).appendChild(s); })();

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