Redman Says He’d Rather His Kids Buy Weed Than Alcohol

The fight to lift bans on the usage, sale, and possession of marijuana continues. Although there have been great strides in the battle to legalize weed everywhere, there are still people who believe that weed is dangerous—if not on its own, then because it's a "gateway drug" that leads to addictions to stronger substances. It's a thought process that has been embedded in the minds of millions for generations thanks to after-school specials, public service announcements, and organizations like D.A.R.E.

People who advocate for the legalization of marijuana are attempting to share information about its medicinal benefits as well as dispel the rumors and misinformation that has been shoveled to the public. Cannaramic, an online cannabis event, recently shared a clip of Redman giving his opinion about marijuana use. The rapper stated that if he had to choose, he'd rather his children buy weed than alcohol.

"I would rather my kids to go buy a eighth than go buy some liquor and be on the road," he said. "Go buy some liquor and something else happen that...the kind of attention that liquor brings than marijuana. Marijuana don't bring a really kind of loud, kind of ranty or a kind of attitude where you wanna hurt someone. I've never known weed to do that. Liquor, yes, but it's easy to buy," Redman continued. "But what can we do?"

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