Reginae Carter & YFN Lucci Flash Stacks Of Cash At Subway

Miss Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci keep coming at us with some cute couple shots. This month alone the 19-year-old has shared videos her on her way to see her man, smiling and dancing excitedly and before that pictures her and YFN posted up at the club showed them in their honeymoon phase  dating. The latest photo we now have the couple sees them posted up at Subway in line to grab some grub. 

Reginae is rocking a Balenciaga frilled bag but most importantly handling two stacks cash while her man YFN hugs on her holding his own rack. "We speak the same language ?#Bagtalk," she captions the photo. 

In other news surrounding Reginae, she recently clapped back at one the numerous Instagram trolls who had the audacity to say she needed breast implants. "you lit! all you need to do is get you some breast implants! no shade!! becasue i think you LIT!!," the user wrote. Reginae replied back saying: "im good. Society ruined you tho." Check out the pic here.

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