Relive Avicii's Debut BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix From 2010

Even though Avicii's cause death has been revealed, we want to focus on the life Avicii lived and the music that changed the music industry forever.

Back in December 2010, Avicii had released “Seek Bromance” and was readying his releases “Levels” and “Fade Into Darkness.” To honor his passing, BBC Radio 1 honored Avicii by playing his original debut Essential Mix from 2010.

“So much what you’re about to hear defined the explosion EDM as it became known over the next twelve months,” said Pete Tong. “Most the tracks are touched by the hand Tim, he either made them, remixed them, or mashed them. It’s a high-energy and emotional energy start to finish.”

Avicii on BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix

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