Remy Ma Speaks Up About Money She Owes Tamar Braxton’s Ex Husband In $360K Court Battle

After being dragged into his $380,000 legal battle, Remy Ma has finally answered a subpoena with questions about the money she allegedly owed Tamar Braxton’s estranged husband, Vince Herbert. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Remy Ma spilled the tea about her former manager Herbert’s financial information. Vine Herbert owes music company, LDNX Records, $380,000 from a previous lawsuit, and they have reportedly been trying to collect on the money for over a year. Recently they got creative and tried to see if Herbert was owed money from artists, he worked with, including Lady Gaga and Remy Ma.

Remy Ma Speaks Up About Money She Owes Tamar Braxton's Ex Husband In $360K Court Battle

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Last year, LDNX Records filed court docs explaining their attempts to collect the $380k owed to them by Herbert, demanding the music exec be found in contempt of court, along with Lady Gaga, Remy Ma, and Interscope Records. The music company won a judgment against Vince in 2017 after suing him over a business deal that went badly. They claim not to have been paid a dime from Vince and are continuously trying to figure out the sources of his income so they can seize the money until the $380k is satisfied. LDNX accused Gaga, Remy and the record label of failing to provide complete and accurate answers to the information they demanded from the subpoena. The company demanded punishments against Vince, as well as Gaga and Remy. Gaga eventually turned over the requested information, and so they are no longer seeking sanctions against her. In the ongoing case Remy, however, was found in contempt of court at one point for failing to hand over the documents and was ordered to immediately hand them over or face more consequences.

Remy Ma Speaks Up About Money She Owes Tamar Braxton's Ex Husband In $360K Court Battle

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In her response to the subpoena, Remy claims to have started working with Herbert in August 2017. She said they no longer work together, and have no written contracts, with Remy detailing how Herbert was only a temporary consultant and functioned as a personal manager to her for a short period of time. The rapper also said she hasn’t paid him a penny of anything for 6 months, and provided information on a Wells Fargo bank Herbert used when she paid him $56k back in 2017 - which LDNX Records used to try to seize money in it.


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