REPORT: Police Officer Charged with Rape At Music Festival

A police ficer has been charged with rape and an act indecency, following an “incident” at an Australian music festival in New South Wales.

The Tamworth Country Music Festival kicked f Friday, January 19 — and on January 22, the unthinkable claims are said to have occurred. A 27-year-old senior constable allegedly went to into a home while f-duty around 3 am following the festival and engaged in the assaults.

The incidents were on January 25 to the Oxley Police District. A search warrant was obtained and the suspect was charged with “sexual intercourse without consent and assault with act indecency.”

The ficer has been suspended and is out on conditional bail. He is scheduled to appear before Dubbo Local Court on April 18.

Details as to what went down at the music festival before the assaults occurred are vague, as the investigation is still underway. Withholding information, like in this case, is usually done for this safety the victims.

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