REPORT: Snapchat To Launch Spectacles 2.0

Snap’s Spectacles set out to be the best thing since sliced bread and was pretty much the furthest thing from that… Instead, Snapchat Inc. ended up with an excess overstock after the social media hardware failed to catch on among users.

Although the Specs are a huge flop, poor sales don’t seem to be enough to stop the platform from forcing its vision. Even after taking a $40 million hit on the product, Snapchat Inc. is working on not just one, but two more models  Spectacles.

For the new designs, think Warby Parker and Luxottica. Snapchat has been in talks with both eyewear companies to license its unique camera technology. If Spectacles actually look as cool as Snapchat makes them out to be, then maybe they’ll find themselves on more faces.

The concept isn’t bad, as Snap’s Spectacles promote a mostly hands-free way to capture the moment while staying in the moment. Through this kind smart hardware, sharing footage from concerts, festivals and other music experiences should be easier than ever. Now, Snapchat just has to make it look good!

According to the , at least one new model the Specs are expected to launch this Fall.

Still don’t have a pair the first generation spectacles? .



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