REZZ announces her second album 'Certain Kind of Magic'

is maintaining her upward trajectory with the announcement her second full-length album, 'Certain Kind Magic'.

Following her which was released last year, has flexed her production prowess for yet another full-length release - this time, all centered around the theme magic. "I came up with the title 'Certain Kind Of Magic' first. After I did that, I began making music and it was all fitting the 'magic' theme," REZZ explains. "I also realized how I carry myself on stage is kind like a magician, in a way. It looks like I'm casting spells on people or something."

'Certain Kind Magic' will release on mau5trap on August 3, and eager fans can expect the first single (aptly titled 'Witching Hour') to be out next week.

Listen to REZZ's Impact mix

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