Rezz Releases Collaboration with Underoath "Falling"

Rezz revealed at the beginning of June that she would be releasing a collab with rock band Underoath called “Falling”. Now, the time has finally come and we have not only the single, but a music video for the track as well.

The track perfectly combines Rezz's signature synths with Underoath's vocals and rock sound. Not so surprisingly, the two sound great together. The two blend together seamlessly intro an EDM-rock track we didn't know we needed.

The music video features Underoath's lead singer Aaron Gillespie strapped to a chair wearing a VR headset. Inside the virtual reality, we see Gillespie trying to escape a room he is trapped in inside of the VR. “The concept we landed on is essentially about using VR as a metaphor for being trapped in your own negative, depressive, or anxious thoughts, which can ultimately be self-destructive,” says video director Colin G Cooper.

“Working with Rezz has been such a shock to my system in every way,” says Aaron Gillespie. “I never expected to be part of the electronic music world, and I never expected to like it as much as I do. Rezz’s talent speaks for itself. This song is so cathartic. I’m so stoked for everyone to hear it.”

Listen to “Falling” here:

Watch the official music video here:

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