Rezz shares small segment of unfinished song with CharlestheFirst after shocking death

As the world continues to mourn the loss of CharlestheFirst, many artists continue to share tributes and celebrate the life of the inspiring producer. One, in particular, is bass producer, Rezz as she revealed on her Instagram that the two had been working on a track together but never finished it.

Based on the small tease that the Canadian-based DJ showed the world, the track would have been one for the ages. With a mix between Rezz’s mesmerizing and world-bending bass sounds along with the organic composition that CharlestheFirst became famous for, the song that possesses no title would have been a force in any club setting.

“His music is incredible. I was always obsessed with it. Mercy Falls? Impeccable. ‘Foreboding Feeling’ another favorite. It was an honour to have you on some of the shows. We all loved you.” – Rezz, Instagram

On December 10th, Lab Group, the media company founded by CharlestheFirst, released a statement revealing that the 25-year-old had passed away in his sleep at a hotel in Nashville. The cause of death is currently being investigated, but the news came as a shock to the entire electronic world. Over the past week, fans and producers have shared their condolences and stories of how the CharlestheFirst uniquely inspired them.

Image Credit: Drew Ressler/

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