REZZ Surprises Fans With Second Album Announcement

In 2017, REZZ had stated that she had hoped to for the first part 2018. Instead, she wanted to put that time towards focusing on what she does before anything, producing. That being said, she still plans to take part in various festivals in 2018.

This year is looking pretty swell for REZZ. She recently announced her future and took to Facebook to reveal some exciting news about her second album.

Most Rezz’s loyal fans a.k.a “Cult Rezz” will be excited to hear the news from the space mom herself. Now what can we expect in this new album? We hope it’s tracks that sound like her Virtual Self remix ‘A.I.ngel’. Although it hasn’t been released yet, she took to Instagram and said she was “feeling more excited & more passionate about this project than ever before.”

We can expect some great and out--this-world tunes that only the Canadian DJ can deliver. Make sure to catch her at one her to get a glimpse her new tracks. Meanwhile, we’ll keep you updated when REZZ reveals more about this new album.


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