Rhymefest Asks Drake To Help Rebuild Donda's House; Calls Out Kanye West

The past couple days have been wild.

After Pusha T’s DAYTONAalbum arrived, carrying the “Infrared” track that threw shots at Drake, the Canadian emcee responded with his own “Duppy Freestyle,” attaching an invoice $100,000 to G.O.O.D. Music for services rendered.

Then things got interesting. Rhymefest, co-founder Donda’s House alongside Kanye West entered the ring with a few revelations his own along with an ficial statement from the Donda’s House organization, created in honor West’s late mother Dr. Donda West.

With a few posts on social media, Rhymefest revealed that the organization is currently struggling to get the funds to rebuild Kanye West’s childhood home, purchased by Rhymefest in 2016 to be recreated into a creative space for Chicago’s youth.

First, Rhymefest publicized a statement issued by the Donda’s House organization on Instagram, directing followers to a link to the release, writing in his caption, “As a human & Consumer you have a choice. I ask that instead buying Pusha T’s Album you donate to dondashouseinc.org so we can finish rebuilding her Chicago home and create more artistic safe spaces. Thank you.”

In the statement the organization touched on the public support that they have lost due to Kanye West’s recent comments, supporting president Donald Trump and pundit Candace Owens, and figuring that slavery was a choice made by enslaved Africans.

“While we cannot and do not speak for Kanye West and his views, we can and will speak up for the youth that we serve,” the statement reads. “We ask that those who feel hurt, angered by or frustrated with Kanye West not penalize or throw away their support, respect and advocacy for us.”

Donda’s House went on to allege that despite multiple attempts, ‘Ye has refused to provide any financial aid for the cause he helped start.

“We ask that as you boycott and protest Kanye West, that you not forget that we are a non-prit organization that like other non-prits needs donations, corporate support and volunteers. We do not want your rejection Kanye West, to be a rejection Dr. Donda West and the thousands lives she impacted including her own son. As we prepare to launch our summer programming, we have been bombarded with inquiries about Kanye West. As we seek support to convert Kanye’s childhood home into a recording studio, museum and learning space – we have been unable to secure the financial support Kanye despite multiple attempts, and despite those early conversations about his plan support and advocacy for the youth in our programs.”

But, that’s not all folks. Just a day after the statement arrived, Rhymefest stepped onto Twitter to riff f the ongoing spat between Pusha T, Kanye West and Drake and hit up the OVO honcho with a special request.

“@Drake when G.O.O.D. Music sends the money they owe you, will you please help us rebuild Kanye’s mothers house for the youth Chicago. I spoke to Kanye about it. His response was “fuck the youth Chicago”.”

Rhymefest’s latest revelation accompanies news Kanye West allegedly coughing up $85,000 to use a photo Whitney Houston’s drug-covered bathroom for Pusha T’s DAYTONA artwork and contradicts reports that arrived last month Kanye's plans to launch another organization in his mother's honor, Donda Social. Sources reported that Kanye recruited the likes Common and Chance The Rapper to help in rebuilding struggling communities in their hometwon.

Currently, Donda’s House is prepping for an orientation to be held on June 2nd at Chicago’s Dyett High School for potential volunteers and is accepting donations here.

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