Rich The Kid Enlists "The Barbz" To Help Arrange Nicki Minaj Collaboration

When Barbz unite, it is said that they move with the same speed and strength ants. Anybody who has ever dared speak out against their queen has learned the unified force their collective wrath. Yet they can be utilized for good, at least in theory; not unlike the Army Of The Dead in Lord Of The Rings. It would appear that Rich The Kid has issued a call to action. After a single Barb pointed out that he and Nicki would be well suited on wax, Rich seized the opportunity. "Barbz I need y’all help let’s get it," writes Rich, sweetening the pot with an abundance purple unicorn emojis.

It wouldn't be surprising to see this collaboration materialize, with or without the Barbz assistance. Rich has managed to lock down more than a few high prile collaborations, including one with Young Money's figurehead, Lil Wayne. Admittedly, Nicki has been close with Rich's nemesis Lil Uzi Vert, which might muddy the waters collaborative spirit. After all, loyalty runs deep. Still, if getting a bag was a foregone conclusion, it would be difficult to see either party declining the fer.

Should you count yourselves among Nicki's expansive army, perhaps take to Twitter with your approval. Nicki has already collaborated with newcomers Lil Uzi and Playboi Carti; is Rich simply an inevitability at this point? Yet Rich ought to tread carefully. They say once you owe the Barbz a favor, tis' a high cost indeed. 

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