Rich The Kid Flexes Traveling In A Private Jet: "It’s Not Rented"

It looks like Rich The Kid can have as many drinks as he wants now that he's flying a private jet. Earlier this month, Rich was reportedly upset with Delta airlines flight attendants because they wouldn't serve him alcoholic beverages. They claimed that because the plane was preparing to descend, they were no longer serving drinks. Rich didn't take to kindly to not being served, so he continued to press the call button for assistance. The attendants reportedly asked him to stop and he didn't, so they called ahead to the terminal and stated that they had an unruly passenger.

On Tuesday, Rich showed that he's not worried about pesky attendants who won't mix him up cocktails now that he's traveling by way of a G5. Rich shared a video of himself on the tarmac right before he made his way on board. "I gotta G5," he said. "Just me today, I'm by myself" before he adds "It's not rented." He makes his way inside to find the crew still trying to get everything organized. He asked if the bed was ready and was told that only one had been made. He tells the woman that he'll be the only person flying, so she introduces herself before the clip cuts out.

The rapper captioned the video by writing that he was on his way to Cincinnati, Ohio for a show. Rich's career continues to reach new heights, especially following the success of his March 2019 release, The World Is Yours 2 and his growing label Rich Forever Music.

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