Rich The Kid Isn’t Interested In Being "Lyrical Or That Bullsh*t"

Rich The Kid recently opened up to Interview Magazine about how rappers aren't supposed to give a fuck. "Because if you give a fuck, you lose the whole point," he told the publication. "'I’m really not supposed to be at this interview. I’m not supposed to give a fuck.'" That’s how rappers think. I know a lot of rappers that would never come here. They would never do an interview. Like, why? Suck my dick."

It seems as though RTK is keeping the same mindset when it comes to his music making since telling XXL that he's just interested in making good beats, not diving into true lyrical expression. “I make hit records,” he said. “I’m not trying to be lyrical or that bullshit. I’m just making good music.”

Rich The Kid Isn't Interested In Being "Lyrical Or That Bullsh*t"
Scott Dudelson/Getty Images 

Rich has without a doubt secured himself as one of the top rappers' in the game right now since acquiring numerous Gold and Platinum certifications. If you ask him though, he's the hottest rapper out of New York.

"I am the hottest rapper out of New York. Name a ny rapper who get more a show than me? Name a new york artist got more Platinums," the "Splashin'" rapper shared to his Instagram story a while back.  

While RTK claims he's not trying to be "lyrical or that bullshit" the rapper may be creating his own kind of lyricism and not even know it. Thoughts?

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