Rick Ross Called Out By "48 Laws Of Power" Author Robert Greene Over "Wuzzup" Bars

Robert Greene is the author behind several best selling novels in America. It's been referenced in hip-hop and pop culture on numerous occasions, specifically among some of the greatest artists in the game including Jay-Z, Drake, Busta Rhymes, and of course, 50 Cent who collaborated with Greene on 50th Law Of Power. Despite his popularity in the world of hip-hop, not everyone is a big fan of him, including Rick Ross who once called out Greene on his 2015 song, "Wuzzup."

48 Laws flawed, my dawgs above the law/
Duck-tape Robert Greene, make him read the Qu'ran

Although it's been four years since the release of the Rozay track, it seems Greene had to clarify a few things for the MMG Boss. Greene shared a screenshot of the lyrics on Twitter, and replied to Rick Ross' comments. "No need for duck tape Rick. I’ve read the Qu’ran. Beautiful book. Even quoted it in 48!" He wrote.

Given Greene's relationship with 50 Cent, that could be a factor that may have inspired Rick Ross' line. The two have yet to actually make amends and it seems unlikely that it'll ever happen. I mean, in the midst of Rozay's health scare in 2018, 50 Cent posted a picture of Ivan Drago from Rocky IV with the caption, "if he dies, he dies."

However, Rozay had the last laugh after he took a major win in 50 Cent's lawsuit against him over the use of the "In Da Club" instrumental on the Renzel Remixes tape.

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