Rick Ross Dedicates New Braided Hairstyle To Kawhi Leonard

For years, Miami legend Rick Ross has kept the same short-haired look atop his head. He keeps his beard well-nourished with his very own oil products and clearly takes good care of himself. He announced a few moments ago that he would be returning with some new music tonight, truly getting the summer started, but he's also ushering in a new era in terms of his appearance. The superstar showed off a new look on his social channels this week, debuting some braids and comparing them to one particular NBA player who just led his team to victory in the Finals.

"Since we all agree it's time for some new music, I thought it was time for a new vibe," says Rozay before letting everybody see his new braids for the first time. "NBA n***a, you know what I'm talking about. Yeah, my shit look like I went to the Finals."

He doesn't necessarily name-drop Kawhi Leonard but we all know he's referring to the Toronto Raptors' player here. There aren't many players on the Warriors or Raps that sport this kind of braided look so Rozay is almost definitely taking inspiration from the Finals MVP. Hey, if it helped Kawhi win a ring on the court, maybe the braids will help Ross win one off the court his upcoming Port Of Miami II effort. Perhaps a platinum plaque is on the way for his efforts?

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