Rick Ross & Meek Mill Perform For Philadelphia Eagles During Super Bowl Ring Party

The winner's circle grows stronger with every commencement speech, bottle pork, you name it. The Philadelphia Eagles, victors in Super Bowl LII, were finally awarded their Championship rings, opting for the most ostentatious package available in the catalog, a piece consisting 219 diamonds and 17 rare sapphire stones.

To top it all f, the Eagles were presented their rings during a party spearheaded by back-to-back performances by Rick Ross and Meek Mill, fitting since "Dreams and Nightmares" has been their pump-up song all season long. During his set, Meek grabbed the mic at center stage and exclaimed, "If I ever had to say I had my best night in prison it was the day the Eagles won the f*cking Super Bowl," evidently the players lost their sh*t soon after, the Vince Lombardi trophy passed around like a loosie.

Alshon Jeffery, Zach Ertz, Corey Clement, LeGarrette Blount and Torrey Smith (since released) were all seen in attendance, with Lil Uzi Vert among the invited guests, essentially no stones unturned as far as Philadelphia magnates go. Back on the topic the rings themselves, the 127 diamonds on the bezel (out a combined 219) reflected the total jersey numbers the players involved in the game-winning play: Corey Clement (30), Trey Burton(88) and Nick Foles (9). How's that for symbolism?

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