Rick Ross Says Kodak Black Was Off The Lean When He Dissed Nipsey Hussle

Rick Ross is in the midst of a mass media tour, promoting his upcoming Port of Miami 2 album. In his interviews, he's been speaking about his upcoming collaboration with Lil Wayne and Pusha-T, explaining how he got those two on the same song. When he visited Big Boy's Neighborhood, the Florida don was asked to speak about his relationship with Kodak Black, specifically if he had given him any advice after his comments about Lauren London. You may recall that just after Nipsey Hussle passed away, Kodak Black singled out the rapper's girlfriend during a live-stream, saying that he's ready for her once she's done grieving. Many viewed the comments as disrespectful and while they may have been, Rozay is giving him a pass because he "respects the streets."

Rick Ross Says Kodak Black Was Off The Lean When He Dissed Nipsey Hussle
Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Speaking with Big Boy, Rick Ross talked about his "Florida Boy" anthem with T-Pain and Kodak, explaining that it was made before the debacle with Lauren London. "I got some homies that's close to Kodak they sent the energy that of course homie didn't mean no true disrespect," said Ross, detailing the fact that he never actually had a conversation with the Project Baby about the shade. He then went on to blame drugs for Kodak's erratic behavior, saying that his lean usage likely prompted the comment. "You know, me knowing Kodak, I know that Tussionex mixing with that lean will have you say some things. You may hear it a few days later and just realize what it was. But me knowing Kodak, I know he respects the streets. I know he wouldn't disrespect Nipsey Hussle," he said.

Do you think Kodak Black has gotten enough flack for his comments? Listen to Ross' remarks at the 29-minute mark.


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