Rick Ross Settles Child Support Battle Over His Son: Report

Rick Ross' relationship with his baby mama, Tia Kemp, has been rocky for a while. The two them have traded barbs over social media on numerous occasions over the years. The two them have a 12 year old son together and they've definitely had some issues over custody that have been made public. However, it looks like they've finally settled their custody battle in court.

Rick Ross and Tia Kemp have reportedly reached an agreement in their on-going custody battle over their 12 year old son, according to TheBlast. The two them reached an agreement on Kemp's request for an increase in child support payments. Ross has agreed to pay the amount directly to Kemp, however, the amount that he must pay remains confidential. The two reached an agreement during mediation which seems to have also resolved other outstanding issues.

The child support battle has been going on for a while. Kemp initially sued him in 2007 but they reached a settlement in 2010. However, she's reportedly been trying to get an increase in child support payments since 2015 after she claimed Ross has been making more money since their 2010 agreement. 

Ross has argued against it. He said that Kemp is unemployed and is using his child support payments in order to support her other kids and her grandchildren. He said that his child support payments are enough to support their son and was actually looking to get his child support payments decreased. 

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