Rico Nasty, Asian Da Brat, & Molly Brazy Share The Best Advice They’ve Received

From the inception of hip hop, female emcees have been formidable forces on the mic. While there are plenty of legends and veterans in the game, this year there's a new generation of women rappers who are staking their claim in the rap game. XXL caught up with a few of them to chat about the advice they'd received from other artists that have helped them along their journey.

Rico Nasty listed off a few rappers that have given her some good words to live by. "The best advice I ever got from another rapper was from...[Lil] Yachty is very wise," she said, without revealing what he shared with her. "Earl Sweatshirt is very wise. Tierra Whack is very wise. All of those people have been the ones who have given me valuable lessons in life. Stop caring about what they say about you. Like, you’re lit, don’t give a f*ck. I definitely don’t give a f*ck.”

Asian Da Brat, formerly known as Asian Doll, said that when she and Tee Grizzley were working in the studio together, the Detroit artist told her not to make the mistake other rappers do by jumping on tracks with too many people. “Protect your craft. You don’t have to do songs with everybody,” Asian shared Grizzley told her. “Just be yourself. Be you and go crazy...When he said that, I took his advice and ran with it. It made me feel good with myself because I have been real selfish with my craft and my career. So it made me feel real good with myself."

Molly Brazy said it was Kash Doll who gave her the best advice. "I was a hot-head when I started," Brazy admitted. "She calmed me down. She a boss ass b*tch. She made me feel like if I'm out here beefin', I'm a bum ass, bothered ass, miserable ass...you know what I'm sayin'? If you bothering other people [then] you bothered."

Check out what Kodie Shane and Coi Leray had to say about the advice they'd also received below.

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