Rico Nasty Talks Working With Kenny Beats To Complete Album In Five Days

Always true to her unapologetic self, Rico Nasty wins fans not only with talent but because of her determination. She's been slowly building her career since she began releasing music five years ago, and it seems as if her hard work is paying off. In April, the 22-year-old artist dropped her Kenny Beats-collaborative project Anger Management, a record that the pair created in five days. They've received acclaim for their effort, and in a recent interview with Complex, Rico chatted about what it as like crafting the record in a time crunch.

"Well it was really fun to be locked in the studio for a week," she said. "A lot of times, I'm super busy and I might really like a tone of my voice, and then two weeks later, I come back and the tone is different because the air is different, studio is different, the vibe is different, the engineer is different. So it was really cool working with Kenny, working with the same engineer, the same producer, the same vibe, and going to the same studio. I feel like a lot of artists may regularly have that, but I don't really have that because I'm always traveling a lot and doing a lot of shows."

Rico Nasty Talks Working With Kenny Beats To Complete Album In Five Days
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She added, "When I wouldn’t know what to talk about today, we would just sit and listen to beats and talk about old music and old videos and cool stuff that might have inspired us, then just go. I think that’s really why we called it Anger Management because it taught me don't be afraid to talk your sh*t, even if talking your sh*t is on some positive sh*t."

The young mother also mentioned that she's learning how to navigate parenting with having a jet-setting career that's taking her all around the world. There were worries about finding a balance, however, Rico is making it work. "Time is literally flying past and all I can think about is the end goal. All I can think about is the end, and making sure everything is super lit when people look back. They’re gonna say about everything from the beginning, 'Damn, this girl was going crazy.'"

Check out Rico and Kenny Beats project Anger Management featuring Baauer, EarthGang, and Splurge here.

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