Rihanna Can't Contain Her Excitement Over LeBron James' Game 7 Win

It's not a stretch to say that LeBron has proved himself to be one the greatest basketball players all time, and he continued to prove it with an extremely clutch game seven win against the Boston Celtics last night.

While Boston fans mired in their despair, one person in particular was extremely excited for LeBron James' impressive performance in the Eastern Conference Finals, and that person was Rihanna. 

In a post to her Instagram story last night, Rihanna is filming from inside a music studio, watching the game on her laptop. Clearly ecstatic over the results the series, Rihanna can't even formulate her energy into words, choosing instead to just scream and cheer at the computer. Of course, this was certainly a sentiment shared by Cleveland and LeBron fans from all over.

Rihanna's excitement over his win shouldn't be a shock to anyone, as she's been incredibly open in the past with her admiration for LeBron. During the NBA finals 2016, Rihanna went so far as to actually bow to LeBron, followed up by a dab to the angry crowd. Even after the Cav's lost that night, Rihanna was confident in her favorite player, walking down the halls exclaiming that "The King is still The King, bitch!" Of course, she takes the team's losses hard as well. 

As the Cavaliers gear up to face the winner the Warriors vs. Rockets series, be prepared for even more fan girling from Rihanna when Lebron hits the court for the NBA Finals. 

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