Rihanna Gifts SZA With Fenty Beauty Gift Card After Racist Sephora Encounter

Despite being quite the busy woman running many businesses, Rihanna found time to come through for her girl SZA recently. As you may remember, SZA called out Sephora in Calabas due to a worker calling the police on her to make sure she was not stealing. The songstress brought her concerns to Twitter and aired the makeup retailer out, furthermore adding "can a b*tch cop her Fenty in peace or whut." Well, SZA's complaints have not fallen on deaf ears, especially not Rihanna's. 

The "Love Galore" singer shared a post which revealed Rihanna had offered her a Fenty Beauty gift card. Though the exact amount on the card is unknown, we know it must be a hefty sum if the gift is from Rihanna, herself. The card came with a note penned by the Bajan boss-lady, stating "go buy yo Fenty Beauty in peace sis! One love - Rihanna." Evidently, we can only stan a woman who recognizes that the damaging effects of institutional racism constantly finds its way in the daily reality of black folks regardless of their socioeconomic background or celebrity status. SZA was overwhelmed with joy and shared the photo of the gift card through her IG story with the words: "Tanks queen @badgirlriri" coupled with a few tearful emojis. 

And sorry, still no album. 



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