Rihanna On Her New Album: "Really Does Suck That It Can’t Just Come Out"

We've all been waiting for some new music from Rihanna for what seems like the longest time. The Bajan beauty has been hard at work on expanding her empire and it's all working out for her. She was crowned the wealthiest female musician in the world by Forbes last week and it's all because of what she's been able to accomplish outside of music. A selfish part of us really just wants a new album from the pop star but because she's been levelling up so seriously, we're just happy she's making all her dreams come true. When it does come to her ninth studio album, she's actually as upset as her diehard fans that she can't just release it right now. During a new feature for Interview Magazine, she spoke about her future in music and all the other business ventures she's taken control of in the last few years.

Speaking on the status of R9, RiRi said that she wishes she could just drop it now but that because of her new schedule, she's got to take her time. "I used to be in the studio, only the studio, for three months straight, and an album would come out," she said of her process for the last decade. "Now, it’s like a carousel. I do fashion one day, lingerie the next, beauty the next, then music the next. It’s like having a bunch of kids and you need to take care of them all."

She continued by describing the overall vibe of the project, stating that it's pretty "fun" so far. "It really does suck that it can’t just come out, because I’m working on a really fun one right now," said the singer. "I’m really happy with a lot of the material we have so far, but I am not going to put it out until it’s complete. It makes no sense to rush it, but I want it out. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m like, 'Even if I don’t have the time to shoot videos, I’m going to put an album out.'"

During the sit-down, Rihanna also confirmed that she's in a relationship with Hassan Jameel, noting that she's putting aside time so she can nurture their relationship. "I got into a new relationship, and it matters to me," said Rih. "Just like I nurture my businesses, I need to nurture this as well. I’ll shut things down for two days, three days at a time. On my calendar we now have the infamous 'P,' which means personal days. This is a new thing."

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