Rihanna Rocks A 65 Cent Grocery Bag

With recent news of the singer and mogul, Rihanna, being the first woman of color to establish her original brand "FENTY" with the Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton holding company, LVMH, the star's estimated net worth has reached a tremendous $260 million. 

That doesn't stop the "Diamonds" singer from saving those coins though, as fans spotted her rocking a 50 pence (65 cent), Sainsbury's - British grocery store - shopping bag, on an Instagram story shared by her this past Monday.

Fans noticed her budget-friendly bag in the background of an adorable video shared on Monday, as she was videoed alongside her god-daughter, Majesty, who was snapping some shots of the singer. The short video shows the star posing and pouting her lips for the camera, dressed in a loose-fitting polka dot dress. 

The durable and environment-friendly shopping 'bag for life' comes in a bright orange design, with darker orange elephants on each side imprinted with the words 'I'm strong and sturdy,' and is intended to be reused for as long as it takes to be worn out. 

Fans took to Twitter to express their appreciation of the fact that "She truly is one of the people ❤️😭" “Rihanna owns a Sainsbury’s bag for life, I won a Sainsbury’s bag for life… does that make me… Rihanna?” one user joked. “V. Obsessed with @rihanna having a Sainsbury’s bag for life in the background of her insta story,” another weighed in. 


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