Rihanna Teases A BTS Clip Of Her In The Studio

It's no surprise that songstress and business mogul, Rihanna, has had a lot on her plate lately, with the launch of her luxury partnership with LVMH, Fentyher big move to London, as well as the continual release of new, sexy lingerie pieces to her SAVAGExFENTY brand. However, despite all this, fans continue demanding that the star go back to her roots and RELEASE NEW MUSIC (!!!). 

Her last album release, ANTI, was all the way back in 2016, and since then, she's been taking fans on an emotional rollercoaster regarding whether or not there really is new music on the way. Back in September of last year, Rihanna's response to a fan left the Navy hopeful once more that the songstress was working on something, but unsure as to when exactly it would be released. "I know I know sis. I'm doing music. Simultaneously doing lingerie, makeup, film, amongst a couple other things that I enjoy. when the music is ready, you won't have to ask for it. But it's coming. Just not today sis. I'm hype too tho, it can't come soon enough for me. #Navy4Life," the response to the Instagram comment read. 

Rihanna's also known for trolling her fans though, taking to lightheartedly teasing them about whether or not she's cooking up something. Two months after her response to the fan, she took to Instagram once more to post a muted clip of her dancing and singing along to what could be assumed was a new single. After that, the star continued having her fun with fans trolling them with comments and clips of her teasingly disregarding their requests for new music. 

Most recently though, Rih took to Instagram to post a short clip of her exhausted looking face with the caption "behind the scenes of 'Where's the album?'" with a 5:40 am timestamp. Could this mean we can be expecting a badgal drop soon?

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