Rihanna’s Lavender Jade Nails Have Sparked Another Summer Trend

Rihanna's out here launching luxury fashion houseslooking fly as ever in her Savage x Fenty lingerie, helming an album that fans cannot wait for and more recently, starting nail trends for the summer months. The "Needed Me" singer shared an image to her Instagram story not too long ago where she showed off her new lavender jade nails that paired perfectly with her matching necklace.  

The jade necklace served as the inspiration behind the look, something that was brought to life by nail artist Jenny Longworth ."The inspiration for this design was based on some of Rihanna’s favorite jewelry," Jenny told Refinery29. "We're both hooked on these kind of textural nail art looks at the moment. We wanted the nails to look like another accessory, almost like another pice of jewelry on her fingertips."

Rihanna's Lavender Jade Nails Have Sparked Another Summer Trend
Jackson Lee/GC Images

Jenny explained how the design came to life, that involved some blending of different tones. 

"I started with a really chalky lilac base all over the nail," she told the publication. "I cured that layer, and then dabbed some spots of a darker purple randomly over the top. I then used a nail art brush saturated in polish remover to lightly dab and dilute the darker purple dots to give a marbled effect. Finally, I added in some highlights with a thin brush in white gel polish, and finished with a super glossy top coat to bring the whole look together."
And just like that, Rihanna started a trend. 

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