Rosario Dawson Shares Completely Nude Selfie To Celebrate 39th Birthday

Rosario Dawson been a mainstay within the film and television industries for over two decades. After appearing as a reckless teenager in the 1995 film Kids, the actress has gone on to secure a bevy high-prile blockbusters and independent films that show her range as a purveyor emotion and authenticity. 

The actress recently celebrated her 39th birthday and took to Instagram to share some rather revealing posts. Firstly, Dawson shared a video her naked torso while consciously covering her breasts with her arm. She captioned the post with "Happy birthday suit to me... 39 & feelin' fine."

Afterwards, Dawson shared a full-body image in the nude, cleverly placing a vase pink roses in front her erogenous zone. Standing in front a mirror, the Jane the Virgin star waxed optimistic on not "letting gravity bring me down..."

Recently, Dawson admitted that she was a victim sexual abuse as a child, having been raped and molested. In lieu the widespread Time's Up movement, the actress notes how "now we’re in a place where it’s finally like, ‘No, we don’t have to keep passing this on. This is archaic and terrible and destructive. Let’s look at it."

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