Rusko Releases Extremely Satisfying New Track 'Look Out'

Rusko Releases Extremely Satisfying New Track 'Look Out'

 Rusko – Look Out!

A recently cancer free Rusko is back and he’s back with an appetite for bass. After taking a break from creating music to recover, his new track ‘Look Out!‘ is the exact refresher we needed. ‘Look Out!’ incorporates classic Rusko elements like the energetic “WOO” vocals, slow, heavy wubs, and even a bit jazzy saxophone pieces.

He took to Facebook to gather the opinions listeners and what their first thoughts were upon hearing ‘Look Out!’ for the first time using one word.

We know what ours is, and it’s nostalgia. The three minute track is perfectly timed, and is just the right amount anticipation and climax. Check out his latest track below, and determine for yourself the first word that comes to mind when you listen to ‘Look Out!’.


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