Russ Alludes To Jumping Either Smokepurpp Or Yung Bans, Claims To Have Video

Amidst a near constant barrage of ridicule and online hatred, Russ has decided that pacifism is better suited for those of a kinder disposition. Russ took to the Breakfast Club yesterday and proceeded to channel the iconic Heisenberg, warning his opponents to tread carefully. When asked about Smokepurpp and Yung Bans, Russ claims he caught "one of them at a festival, that motherfucker knows what time it is." When Charlamagne asks which one was the recipient of Russ' wrath, the rapper plays coy. "If they respond, they know what time it is."

"We got video too. I'll leak the video of you getting your ass beat," says Russ, letting the hair hang. "Don't make me play the internet game, and have you humiliated," threatens Russ. "Don't do that." Charlamagne presses the rapper for more details, and Russ doubles down on the threats. "They know what time it is, bro." 

Unfortunately for the Zoo rapper, Yung Bans did not exactly heed the warning. Bans immediately took to Twitter to respond to Russ' smoke signal, saying "y’all know damn well Russ ain’t beat my ass." He concludes with a "FUCK RUSS" for good measure. Now, all we can really do is play the waiting game; provided Russ wasn't bluffing, it's possible that we'll be seeing some video footage in due time. Perhaps we shall finally see if there really is a wolf after all.

For more from Russ' insightful Breakfast Club interview, peep our initial report here.

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