Russ Gets Kicked Out Of Venue After Calling Them Out For Sound Issues

Some people do not like being called out. The Palms in Las Vegas kicked Russ out of his hotel room and cut his show short after the rapper called out the venue during his performance. As reported by XXLRuss was only a couple of minutes into his set when he stopped to address the crowd. The details of exactly what he said are not clear, but he called out The Palms for having sound issues. The gravity of his words must have hit hard, because the venue pulled the rug from under his set and evicted him from the property. 

"Sorry to the fans that came out," tweeted Russ after the incident. "Like I said on stage, I wasn’t gonna let the venue fuck up the show repeatedly without sayin something to y’all who paid money, waited etc..they didn’t like me calling them out. Like i also said, they’ll tell a different story but y’all saw 🤷🏽‍♂️😞." Fans from the show seem to confirm his account Twitter. "They seriously got @russdiemon fucked up," tweeted one fan. "If he wants to speak his mind he fucking can !! Not his fault you guys don’t have your shit together !!" The Palms has yet to comment on the altercation. 

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