Russo Brothers Reveal Fate Of Marvel Characters Ahead Of "Avengers 4"

WARNING: Contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War & Avengers 4

If you haven't seen Avengers: Infinity War you might have at least heard that many characters met their demise on screen. The film has been described as a tragic case storytelling. The remaining characters, and there are plenty, have had their projected lifespan carved out by the directors. The Russo Brothers have shown a willingness to share some the less divulgent plot lines.

According to a report by i09, the brothers have already mapped out Valkyrie's location following the devastation the Asgard ship in the opening sequence Ragnarok. The brothers told fans that Valkyrie's life was spared, that much is certain. 

The Russo Brothers also mentioned that Korg and Miek from Thor: Ragnarok have also escaped with their lives, and figure in future plans. Spider-Man’s best friend Ned and Shuri who were featured in Black Panther are also expected to repirse their roles in the expected 4th Avenger film. The Russo Brothers have also extended an invitation for Natalie Portman to rejoin the cast as Thor's girlfriend Jane Foster. If she's available, they would consider writing her a specially fitted role s with respect to her schedule. The characters who manage to make the cut in Avenger's: Infinity War will catch a second wind in the 4th. Loki, Lady Sif and a few others may not even merit a flashback sequence if the Russo's see their plans to the end.

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