Safaree Begs For Erica Mena’s Forgiveness Following Cheating Scandal

In case you missed it yesterday, Safaree “SB” Samuels was exposed by an ex-girlfriend, Gabrielle Davis, for trying to win her back while also claiming he does not plan on marrying his current girlfriend Erica Mena. His ex even provided the proof by sharing the texts online, which closed any doubt of her lying.

After being caught red handed, Safaree tried to make things better by sending dozens of roses over to Erica’s crib, but she quickly trashed those. Now, Safari is taking to twitter to publicly apologize to Erica, saying he wouldn’t be complete if he were to lose her.

“This is not a loss I would be able to handle.. I’ve lost a lot b4 and dealt with it.. but seriously I cannot lose you. I have never felt so complete in my life and that feeling will be gone if I lose you. You are my everything and I cant see my future without you. Please Erica. I am sorry for any embarrassment I have brought to you from me being immature. I apologize from the depths of my soul & heart. You are the most important person to me in the world. I know this is a joke to some ppl but this is real life and I made a mistake. I’m sorry. And after this I’m taking a real break from the world of every body’s opinions in ya business Social media.  Misery loves company out here. Locking down and recentering!”

Check out the series of tweets (below) and let us know what you think. Should Erica take him back or did he go too far?

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